Vermont Solar — Businesses Helping Businesses!

You’re a small business owner who wants to make the switch to Vermont-based solar energy. The good news is you don’t have to buy and manage a solar project or even put down a deposit to do so.

When thinking about solar energy in Vermont, many people think of residential solar or the larger solar projects that we see around our great state. But let’s not lose sight of another important, smaller scale, piece of solar in Vermont: businesses helping businesses with solar energy contracts (often called a PPA, or Power Purchase Agreement). These contracts provide a way for local businesses to obtain solar energy while encouraging collaboration among businesses working to sustain and grow a strong local economy AND a cleaner environment.

A weekend excursion through the downtown of any number of our Vermont communities shows us that many great local businesses may not have land around their stores, or may be operating in rented spaces. In these cases, purchasing and installing solar directly on site can be challenging or impossible. That’s where a solar PPA—with AllEarth, or with one of the local business owners of a SolarVenture project in our network—can come in.

When you go the PPA route, other Vermont business owners have made the investment in solar for you. Accessing solar energy through their projects means you don’t have to make the investment of time and money on your own. More money and more time to devote to the business of which you are rightfully proud, while supporting other Vermont businesses and joining forces in combating the climate crisis. Tough to beat that combination!

To learn more about a solar PPA for your business, contact us at You’ll be glad you did!