Vermont Businesses – Take Off As A Solar Offtaker!

If you’re at all familiar with the world of solar PPAs (“Power Purchase Agreements”), you may have heard the term “offtaker.” This is standard industry lingo for someone who purchases solar energy from a solar project owned by someone else.

While we at AllEarth have never liked the term “offtaker” (sounds like a plane taxiing backwards, no?), being an offtaker of the power from a Vermont solar array made up of our AllEarth dual axis solar trackers can help your business take off, knowing that you are achieving energy dollar savings, supporting other businesses in Vermont, and helping to fight the climate crisis.

Whether the AllEarth tracker project from which you’ll get your solar energy (without having to buy equipment or even make a deposit) is owned by us or by one of our SolarVenture project owners here in Vermont, you can meet some or all of your energy needs with solar, no matter the size of your business. Contact us today at to learn more.